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BBA certification is recognised throughout the construction industry as a symbol of quality and reassurance. It's the vital ingredient in the provision of assurance, quality and integrity to a plethora of stakeholders in the construction industry.

Impact Testing

Impact testing is used to determine the mechanics that materials will exhibit when it experiences a shock loading that causes the material to deform immediately, fracture or rupture completely. 


At the BBA, we undertake impact testing for products such as concrete floors, cement floors, roofing, roof membranes, cladding and coatings to determine their resistance to indentation, puncture or fracture. Using single impact tests such as the Charpy V-notch test, the Izod test, Tensile Impact and hard & soft body impact testing to British, European and international standards. We can help demonstrate a material or system’s resistance to impact.

For materials which are to be used near highly trafficked areas and made from materials such as aggregate, soils and asphalt, impact resistance is a key component of the long-term durability of the product. It is equally important to check that materials which are responsible for weatherproofing a structure will remain watertight when subjected to the same impacts which can occur once installed in situ.

We also provide bespoke programmes for R&D or benchmarking purposes, whereby a range of material finishes or system build-ups can be assessed for comparative performance.

For many materials, brittleness can become an issue when subjected to freezing temperatures or UV exposure over long periods. Which is why through our extensive accelerated ageing and weathering capabilities, the BBA can compare how a material’s impact resistance changes due to environmental exposure. 

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