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BBA certification is recognised throughout the construction industry as a symbol of quality and reassurance. It's the vital ingredient in the provision of assurance, quality and integrity to a plethora of stakeholders in the construction industry.

Factory Process Control (FPC)

Factory Process Control, or FPC, is the assessment carried out for an EN standard or ETA which results in certification to that particular EN Standard or ETA gained through a Notified Body such as the BBA. The FPC assessment verifies that the controls in support the issuing of the certification.


Factory Process Control (FPC)

A Factory Process Control (FPC) system ultimately controls the manufacturing process, within the boundaries set by specifications to meet the requirements of the EN standards and regulations. The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) legally requires all companies involved in products that have an EN Standard in place to have an FPC certification ie the fabrication of Structural steel and/or aluminium structures. 

For example, EN1090 FPC certificate applies to all factories/Fabricators who produce structural steel or aluminium structures.

As part of our FPC audit, the assessor reviews a series of elements from the factories; Review and technical review process, Purchasing procedure and order process including Goods inwards controls,  Product Identification and Traceability from receipt to dispatch, Production Control, to their Manufacturing procedure, Maintenance procedure, Plant Maintenance, Quality control procedure, Document control procedure, and Competence and training, through to their Customer ordering procedure and their Customer complaints process.  

The difference between a full FPC Certificate and an Agrément Certification with a factory audit is that an FPC looks at the whole factory and is a legal requirement and an Agrément certifies a product, focusing on the individual products factory production.  

 If you already hold an Agrément Certificate, you can apply to receive an FPC certification.

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BBA Associate Consultants

For a company to become certified to FPC standards, they may need to work with a professional consultant to guide them through the requirements and process before applying for an FPC Certification with the BBA.

 At the BBA, we are aware that not all companies have access to an internal consultant; this is where the BBA’s Associate Consultant Scheme will be of benefit. 

The BBA Associate Consultant Scheme (ACS) assists organisations looking to become certified to EN1090  by matching them with one of our BBA Associate Consultants.  

Email us with your company details, location and provide details of which product you manufacture, to receive the contact details of an Associate Consultant who may be able to assist you.


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