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Anne Main’s visit to the BBA

Conservative MP for St Albans Anne Main visited the British Board of Agrément recently to meet with BBA Chief Executive Claire Curtis-Thomas. The meeting was to discuss the ramifications of Britain’s disengagement from Europe and how the construction industry can work with government to ensure safety standards are fully adhered to.

Positive outcomes can soften the blow of uncertain and sometimes difficult times

Ms Main and Ms Curtis-Thomas discussed some of the challenges to the industry that have arisen as a result of Brexit, as the sector braces itself for the possibility of recession. As highlighted by the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee in its recently launched enquiry into the implications of Brexit, they acknowledged that there are some key areas of uncertainty for the UK construction industry over the course of the new year. However, it was also agreed that despite these current uncertainties, there is a good opportunity for UK construction to be presented as an attractive investment proposition for investors post Brexit.

Ms Curtis-Thomas also highlighted the current BBA ‘Whistle Blower’ campaign, an initiative intended to provide help and support for people working within the industry who have concerns about malpractice.

“It was a pleasure to meet Anne, a committed parliamentarian who is dedicated to supporting the best interest of the people she represents. We had a fruitful and interesting conversation about Brexit and the need to establish a national whistle blowing service for the construction sector. Anne has pledged her support to raise the profile of this important initiative.”

Claire Curtis-Thomas.

Ms Main also enjoyed the meeting and intends to take positive action to support the BBA Whistle Blower campaign:

“It was a pleasure to meet with the BBA and to discuss some of the concerns they raised. I was also glad to discuss some of the challenges the industry faces and the opportunities they will have after we leave the European Union. The BBA raises some important concerns regarding whistleblowers, industry oversight and misuse of BBA accreditation. I will be taking forward these concerns to the government.”

After a number of other contributory factors were discussed with regard to Brexit and the future of UK building and construction, the principle conclusion drawn from the meeting was that the way forward is to be positive in our outlook, and that our industry needs to continue paving the way for a better and safer future.

A meeting of minds results in some constructive post Brexit predictions for the Building industry.

Anne Main with Claire Curtis-Thomas - CEO of the BBA


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